Being selected to a Pastor Search Committee brings with it a tremendous amount of responsibility and opportunity.  Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, the challenge is to find the man God wants to be the Undershepherd of your congregation.  The decisions of the Committee will have significant impact on the future of the congregation, and also the eternal destiny of many people.

These are a few things I have accumulated over the years.  Obviously this list is not exhaustive nor is most of it original.  Feel free to use, edit or ignore as you wish.  In the past I have spent 1 1/2 – 2 hours walking through these documents with search committees.  Feel free to call if you have questions or if I can be of assistance.  Also, please feel free to share if you have something helpful to add.


Something funny to get you started.  The best and worst qualifications.
     Preacher Candidates

Resume Sources
Your denominational entities and schools may have resumes.
Check with local pastors who may know of someone whom they would want to have serve in their local area.
Friends and family may know of a successful pastor in another city or state whom God is already preparing to move, or whom would be open to praying about relocation.
IMPORTANT:  Please don’t think you are limited to the resumes sent to you.  You are called a SEARCH committee.


Depending on your denominational background, your congregation will want or expect to have input.  Opinions and suggestions are not authoritative, but you may glean some wisdom and insight from the Survey.
    Congregational Survey


    Background Check Release Form

    Compensation Planning

Tax planning is not tax evasion.  An Accountable Expense Reimbursement Plan is a way of shifting the expenses of ministry to non-taxable income.  We don’t expect the ambulance driver or law enforcement to buy fuel or pay for the vehicles they drive to do their work.  The IRS has determined that there are legitimate ministry expenses which are exempt from taxable income.
     Ministry Expense Reimbursement Request


    Red Flags to Watch for When Considering a Pastor


Calvinism is one of the most destructive doctrines sweeping through our churches today.  It may be called Reformed Theology, Doctrines of Grace or a number of other names.  It is a Primitive Baptist doctrine of Predestination which basically teaches that God decrees who is going to heaven and who is going to hell and man has no opportunity or responsibility regarding their salvation.  It is dividing denominations, churches and families.  It has been my experience that most pastors who embrace that theology do not have the personal integrity to voluntarily inform a congregation that they embrace that doctrine.  It is usually after much pain, division and destruction that a congregation learns their pastor is a Calvinist.  If your congregation is comfortable with Calvinism, you will not have a problem finding a pastor.  If not, be aware and do your homework.
    Q&A for Search Committees of Non-Calvinist Churches

     Belief Statement and Pastor’s Non-Calvinist Pledge


    Proposed Questions to References

    Acknowledgment of Received Resume

     Rejection Notification

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